Efficient Use of Leftovers in a Raw Vegan Diet

Efficient Use of Leftovers in a Raw Vegan Diet

One thing you will quickly notice when you embark on the path of including more fresh raw fruits and veggies into your diet is the amount of potential waste.  You need a way of efficiently using scraps.

Loved your first drink of Fresh Almond Milk!  What to do with the left over pulp?  Just learned the easiest way to Julienne those Bell peppers!  Oh but the left over tops and bottoms…

Just because you have these leftover scraps doesn’t mean you have to create waste.  To the contrary.  Let’s help you transform waste into wants.

Dressings and sauces:

Dressings and Sauces are a valuable weapon in your war against waste.  I save all of my peppers and zucchini weenies (the stem left over from making doodles), to name a few, in a mason jar in the fridge.  When a dressing calls for a pepper I usually have enough seeds, core and scraps to equal a pepper.  If a sauce is a little thin or I’m trying to reduce the fat from say an avocado I’ll add some of the zucchini weenies.

Crackers and Cookies:

If you think you’d miss your oven on a Raw Vegan diet you’d be wrong. Warm cinnamon buns, sweet or savory pizzas, crispy crackers and warm gooey cookies can not only be had thanks to the dehydrator but they are actually good for you! And not in the way “healthy” snacks and desserts are marketed either.  You can Incorporate Carrot Pulp from your juicer into delicious ginger carrot cookies.  Almond pulp from making Fresh Almond Milk can be incorporated into “cheesy” Crackers.  I will be writing a comprehensive guide on choosing and purchasing a dehydrator so be sure to subscribe for updates 🙂

The possibilities are endless when you take the time to make use of your scraps, seeds, pulps and weenies.  Of course you could always just compost them but where’s the fun in that?