Fresh Made Almond Milk

What could be better than fresh wholesome milk.  Creamy.  Satisfying and healthy right?  For years we have been led to believe that Dairy milk is nature’s most perfect food.  After watching Forks Over Knives and reading the China study I now know differently.  But thanks to the amazing Almond we are no longer faced with doing without when it comes to milk.  In fact we now have more options than ever and Almond milk is no exception.  Full of Calcium, cholesterol free and oh so good!  And making it couldn’t be easier with these two simple ingredients and two simple tools.

Ingredients to make approximately 1 quart:

  • 2 Cups of raw almonds (soaked overnight or for 8 hours)*
  • 3 Cups of clean fresh water*


  • High speed Blender such as Vitamix, Ninja, Nutribullet RX, etc.
  • A Nut Milk Bag (I recommend Eco Bags found here).

Simply add your soaked nuts to your blender and blend for 1 minute on high.  Pour through the Nut Milk bag and tighten the end firmly.

Now it’s time to milk.  Simple knead and squeeze the bag until all that is left is the pulp, but don’t throw that away!  Save it in the fridge for Crackers!  Subscribe to my Blog so you can receive updated recipes 🙂

I usually milk into a large bowl then pour it back into the blender.  This makes it easier to pour into mason jars which make perfect milk jugs.

*You can simply double the ingredients to make a full two quarts of Milk.